We work with Pharma and Biopharma R&D teams to unlock the full potential of therapeutic programs and deliver small molecule candidates against their targets. Our approach sets us apart because we can offer:

  • Access to nature’s chemistry universe of small molecules for drug development
  • Unprecedented deep strain collections of any microbiota from patient materials
  • Multiplexed GPCR assays at the scale of Next-Generation-Sequencing creating unparalleled data insight
  • Design, synthesis and test of small molecules in fast iteration cycles
  • Diversifying molecular scaffolds and rapidly optimizing lead compounds
  • Obtaining fast biological insights to support your pre-clinical R&D and clinical trials

Design Pharmaceuticals’ proprietary drug discovery platform is accessible to our business partners to accelerate discovery and development activities and create break-through therapeutics. Our discovery activities are provided through drug discovery collaborations and partnerships. 
We welcome interested companies to reach out to our business development team at to learn more about our offering. We will set up a discovery call with the R&D team to thoroughly understand the needs and match them with Design Pharma’s innovative technologies. In a next step, we jointly scope a confidential research and development plan with clearly defined milestones and deliverables aligned with respective business terms. Working together – to succeed together.