Boundless GPCR drug discovery

Design Pharmaceuticals applies robust ultra-high throughput bioscience technologies in a novel approach to dramatically accelerate GPCR drug discovery and outpace current industry capabilities. Our goal is to enable new treatments for patients suffering from diseases for which there are no satisfactory therapies.

We use novel technologies to unlock and deorphanize GPCR drug targets with unrivaled deep exploration of the drug space

Mapping the GPCR Interactome at scale to enable drug discovery and development

Screen all GPCR ligand library types
Small Molecules
Antibodies / Nanobodies
Peptides / Hormones
In multiple GPCR formats
Cell based Agonist
Cell based Antagonist
At unprecedented scale and efficiency
Droplet 10^8 / week Single GPCR
Automated 10^4 / week Multiplex

Our multiplex GPCR platform allows scalable and flexible interrogation of GPCR signaling for drug development

Multiplexing GPCRs readouts powers data generation for computational and experimental drug design

Unprecedented scale allows powerful data generation to develop drugs understanding via design, build, test, learn cycles 

We are developing the future of GPCR screening by enabling live cell functional screening in millions of parallel droplets incubators

About Design Pharma
Working together to develop breakthrough therapeutics

We collaborate with your research and development teams on discovery projects and joint research programs to develop breakthrough therapeutics for GPCR drug targets. Our unmatched technologies benefit discovery programs by screening the largest complex libraries for hit candidates based on drug function. We screen all types of ligand libraries in multiple GPCR assay formats at unprecedented scale and speed, delivering high-quality data with industry-leading throughput.

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